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Welcome to Higham Ferrers Neighbourhood Plan Website

Referendum Results -18th February 2016

The Plan was made by East Northamptonshire Council on 11th April 2016

Made Version of Neighbourhood Plan

Independent Examination Report




The purpose of Neighbourhood Planning is to give local people greater ownership of the plans and policies that affect their local area. The intention is to empower local people to take a proactive role in shaping the future of the areas in which they live. Once in place, the plans will comprise the framework for change in that area for the next ten years.

Government has said that Neighbourhood Planning will help communities to play a greater role in finding creative and imaginative ways to overcome the pressures that development can create for conservation and local services and amenities. It could also help ensure that development is in line with local needs, provides greater public amenity and more certainty for developers. A neighbourhood plan would be able to identify the specific site or broad location, specify the form, size, type and design of new development. 

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